Brand Management

Great exposure is a wonderful thing, if you're in control of your message, image and timing. That's where CGI can help. We can manage any or all of your brand activities including message development, media relations, social media, advertising, and virtually every form of B2B and B2C delivery. It all starts with LISTENING.

Brand management is part science, part gut instinct. Data-driven benchmarks are vital, they are useless without the ability to put yourself in your audience's position. Listen first, react second. It's sounds like a simple concept, it takes discipline to keep focus when the the stakes are high and time is short.

Managing a new brand launch has completely different needs from rebranding or redevelopment. CGI and Chris Berger bring 30 years of experience in working with some of the best brands in the world, managing product launches, events, educational programs, advertising, public relations, digital media and the development and production of over 1,000 events and videos.

CGI manages brands with our two core principles, GROW and PROTECT. Your brand is your primary asset next to your people. Like your people, your brand requires measurement, fostering and investment in order to grow in a competitive world. We protect your brand by controlling the message at every turn, which requires time, tenacity and anticipation. CGI is your proactive brand guardian.