Brand Development

CGI brings all of your best assets together - your message - your team - your vision - to create the ultimate brand positioned for sustainable growth. Our brand development work typically falls into one of two categories: developing a new concept or redeveloping a brand with significant untapped potential.

Building a new brand requires commitment and teamwork. Our greatest success stories are ones of exceptional commitment by brand stakeholders who can communicate a vision, define goals and invest in the resources required to successfully execute the brand development plan.

Redeveloping an existing brand requires equal commitment, perhaps more because stakeholders need to be willing to put emotions aside and approach the rebuilding with a fresh perspective focused on where we are going rather than where you've been. CGI believes firmly in pulling through the right elements of a brand legacy; ultimately it's about taking you where you need to go and grow sustainably.

Our philosophy comes down to two core components: GROW and PROTECT. Everything CGI does comes down to growing your company and brand and protecting that image as it grows. We do this through measurement-based research and development and leveraging every bit of knowledge and resources you can bring to the table.