• Brand Development

    CGI brings all of your best assets together - your message - your team - your vision - to create the ultimate brand positioned for sustainable growth. Our brand development work typically falls into one of two categories: developing a new concept or redeveloping a brand with significant untapped potential.

  • Brand Strategy

    We get you out in front of your brand - so your brand doesn't get out in front of you. Through our strategic planning process, we identify where you want to go and build a plan to get you there - sustaining control of your brand and your message. The fundamentals remain the same: your brand needs to be simple, unique and true.

  • Brand Delivery

    CGI understands Experiential Marketing - the art of making your message an experience. Whether it's Events, TV, Trade Shows, PR, digital, social media or educational programs, we help deliver your brand to the world while controlling how it is perceived. CGI believes perception is reality and reality needs to be the perception.

  • Brand Management

    Great exposure is a wonderful thing, if you're in control of your message, image and timing. That's where CGI can help. We can manage any or all of your brand activities including message development, media relations, social media, advertising, and virtually every form of B2B and B2C delivery.

  • Creative Development

    You can rest easy knowing that many of the world's top brands have outsourced their Creative Development to Chris Berger and CGI. We've worked with our clients' in-house design resources as well as delivered turn-key services. We give you flexibility, options, and 30 years of creative experience.

  • Digital Media

    From websites to digital video production, we harness the digital world for real-world success. With over 750 digital media projects under his belt, Chris Berger can help you navigate through digital waters and deliver the right resources for the right results.

  • Events

    You get over 600 events worth of global experience when you have CGI and Chris Berger developing and driving your event development and production. We take pride in treating events for 25 people with the same excitement and commitment as events for 25,000.

  • Entertainment

    Great entertainment is easy to spot. However, great entertainment that moves your goals and brand forward, within your budget, is a bit trickier. Chris Berger has been on virtually every side of entertainment - from technical design & production to executing entertainment packages for performances by Elton John.


Our Unique Approach

CGI is unique in that we offer our clients the option to utilize their own in-house resources - where it makes sense - which fosters the most cost-effective solution possible while still delivering 30 years of proven experience.