About Us

What We Do

CGI and Chris Berger drive strategic direction for your brand, company, product or event - taking you to a new level.  Athough we cannot always guarantee financial growth,  we can guarantee BRAND GROWTH. You will look bigger and your message will be clear and controlled. When the world understands your message, you grow.

What Our Clients Say

CGI has masterfully crafted a marketing program that has helped us to achieve double digit growth during the worst economy in 50 years.  Chris's ability to quickly understand our business, produce distinctive marketing materials and develop our media presence quickly has enabled our company to grow at levels we thought were not possible.  CGI has repeatedly exceeded our expectations by providing superior service, the highest quality support and has done so at a competitive price. We recommend CGI to all of our clients.”
 - Anthony Russo  Founder & CEO, EarthSmart Products
"Chris Berger (CGI) has done more for our brands in just 2 months than we've been able to accomplish in 2 years. He's taking us to a whole new level."
- Chris Fischer  Chairman, OCEARCH / CEO, Fischer Productions

“It’s always nice to know miracle workers.”
- Megan Thomas  Wood Group, a leading $5.5 billion energy company

Our Name

Many people assume that the “Christopher” in our company name refers to our founder, Chris Berger. However, it does not.

Chris BowieOur name is borrowed from an individual who influenced Chris Berger tremendously, someone who taught him the importance of humility, humor and above all passion for what you believe in and love – both in work and life.

This amazing person, who left a legacy with his untimely departure from the world in 1994, is Christopher Bowie. Lost at sea doing what he loved more than anything – big game fishing.

Christopher fostered an enormous respect for our Oceans and all its beautiful creatures. In fact, he lost his life during a big game fish catch and release – paying the ultimate price for giving rather than taking.

Christopher will always be remembered as an icon for unwavering passion for life – on land and at sea.